Science Slam

The Science Slam : Science in 8 Minutes

Research as a Haiku, discussing Big Data issues with Princess Leia, and David Beckham as a metaphor for older people using patient portals. Curious? Come and attend the Science Slam.

Location, Time
Exchange 9, 17:30-18:30, Tuesday 25 April

What is the Science Slam?

The Science Slam gives participants eight minutes to present their research and ideas in an entertaining or unusual way. Stand-up comedy, live music, a live experiment, or something else completely: anything is possible! The audience forms the jury that will decide who wins.


Congratulations to all those selected to present!

Why Everybody Should Become a Data Scientist
Anna Beukenhorst, University of Manchester

DataWars: Big Data Strikes Back
Chris Gibbons, University of Cambridge

What’s the Point!?
Benjamin Green, University of Manchester

Rhythm, Rhyme, Research
Maxine Mackintosh, University College London

“That was Surprising” – How Unexpected Focus Group Participant Reactions to General Background Information was incorporated into a Public-Facing Video about ICES
Alison Paprica & Michael Schull, University of Toronto

David Beckham: Real or Legend? Explaining older adults’ patient portal usage
Gaby Wildenbos, University of Amsterdam


Prizes will be awarded to the best presentations sponsored by the BCS Health, the specialist group of the Chartered Institute for IT. The winner receives 400 GBP, second place 200 GBP, and third place 100 GBP.

How to apply

Submission to the Science Slam is now closed.

What’s next?

We hope you are looking forward to the Science Slam as much as we are! If you have further questions please do not hesitate to e-mail us at

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24 – 26 APRIL